With Freightsy, you can now streamline your export supply chain, connect your existing freight forwarders and also benefit from the Freightsy network of over 120 accredited freight forwarders. From Price Discovery to Shipment Execution, we got you covered.


Made in India

Freightsy is made in India, for Indian Exporters. We understand the India challenges and we have engineered out technology to address these challenges. We also make sure that your current workflows stay intact when you work with Freightsy.

Zero Margin

Freightsy is a neutral entity. Our only focus is to increase your supply chain efficiency using technology. What this also means is that we have a 0 margin on the rates you see on Freightsy. Read about our pricing here.


What you see is what you get

Shipping is generally known to be one of the most secretive industries ever know to mankind. We are breaking that stereotype. From quotes to charges to vessel schedules and everything else can be clearly seen.


Move You Cargo Across All Modes



With Freightsy you can move your containers across the world through a network of over 120 freight forwarder plus yours. We are also integrated with over 15 major shipping lines to provide you with tracking information seamlessly.


Road Transportation is one of the major challenges in the export supply chain for most exporters. We have tied up with accredited transporters across the country to help you move containers on road without a hiccup. We also provide milestone tracking for all container moved on Freightsy irrespective of where you book your transportation from.


With Freightsy you’ll soon be able to use rail network on Concor to move your containers via rail. We are expected to launch rail services on Freightsy very soon. Signup to our newsletter so we can keep you posted whenever we are ready with it.

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Integrated With Some Of The Biggest Carriers