The 2019 Way Of Handling RFQ’s

RFW Creation

With Freightsy you can easily generate new quote requests in a few clicks. The moment you do this, the quote request is sent to all the Freight Forwarders are Transporters on the Freightsy network for receive quotes. You’ll start receiving notifications as soon are quotes are received from the vendors. Every quote is displayed transparently so you can make informed decisions.

Digital RFQ

Now you can handle your entire RFQ’s for ocean freight digitally without making a single phone call or email. We will handle the entire process and you’ll be able to see quotes for our entire network of freight forwarders including your existing ones.

Compare Quotes Easily

With Freightsy you can compare all freight quotes easily on a single screen. Quotes are categorized by the shipping lines and estimate of the charges can also be seen. Once you like a freight quote you can easily go ahead and book them.

Vessel Schedules

With Freightsy you can also request the vessel schedules you prefer so the Freight Forwarder can issue you a booking on the same. We are integrated with most shipping lines so you will be able to see more vessel schedules along with the cut off dates and transit times.


Freightsy allows you to handle multi modal RFQ’s. So you can receive quotes for ocean and transportation with a single request and also booking them together. We handle the process of routing the RFQ to the right vendors so you don’t have to waste time on this ever again.