Technology Overview


Price Discovery

We have a robust technology that helps you efficiently manage you freight negotiations. All you have to do is enter your PoL and PoD and we offer a multi-modal quote from a wide network of freight forwarders. The pricing mechanism happens through a reverse auction. Shipping line charges are estimated using our internal machine learning algorithms.


Once you like a rate, you can easily book the same online using the same platform. We take care of receiving confirmations and getting through with the documentation process. For you it’s simply one click.

Shipment Execution

Post booking, we handle the entire shipment executions. We build dynamic workflows and ensure the stakeholders stick to the same. We have also built an efficient context aware communication channel in case you have any specific queries you’d like to be answered.


We place a lot of emphasis on security of the portal. All transactions on the system are absolutely secure. Our domain itself is the most secure domain on the web directly promoted and secured by Google. Click here to know more.


We have integrated our systems with major shipping lines to directly provide you with up to date information of your container movements. Our tracking extends across land and sea so you always know where your containers are.


A lot of exporters suffer from billing issues due to inconsistent formats and complicated charges. When you transact with Freightsy you get once single consistent invoice that is easy to understand. This will eventually reduce the time spent on handling accounts payable by almost 50%.