Transparent Billing


transparent Billing

With Freightsy the invoices are as transparent as they can get. We audit the purchase invoices using internal algorithms and re-verify the same manually so your accounts team don’t have to spend hours juggling through invoices.

Automatic Payment Mapping

As soon as you make payment against invoices, the same are mapped automatically and the payment to vendors is further initiated automatically as well. We have integrated our technology with Standard Chartered Bank to make this possible.

Exchange Rate

We check the exchange rate with the shipping line. In case the exchange rate offered by the shipping line is too high, we offer you a Freightsy exchange rate where we would settle the freight invoices with shipping line in USD.

Everything Digital

Our entire billing process is completely digital. You can access anytime document at any time by simply logging in into your portal. We invoice per container so charges against each container so that tallying invoices becomes easier. Sales orders lay down the terms agreed to at the time of confirming the booking so you can verify the freight rate here as well.