Automate Export Supply Chain for Containers

Our fundamental vision is to automate export supply chains for exporters globally. Studies have shown that global logistics especially for ocean shipping yet remain one of the biggest pain points for Exporters globally due to inherent complexities of the same. One of the biggest reasons for this is low adaptation of technology. A similar situation also exists in transportation which is generally India specific due to supply related issues and existence of an extremely fragmented market.

At Freightsy, we’re building systems from ground up to connect stakeholders and build a robust ecosystem that would result in efficiency and decrease the pain points of exporters globally.


Price Transparency

Ocean shipping as an industry has known to be one of the most secretive industries globally. Exporters usually end up spending more than 48 hours to get a accurate estimate of their spending on their logistics which may still deviate by over 10% when the final invoice comes in. Furthermore, existence of multiple charges in multiple currencies also make it a cumbersome task for exporters to accurately forecast their freight spending.

At Freigthsy, we maintain complete transparency with pricing. There are no hidden charges or any inflated charges . As our sole focus is to create value using technology, we have no vested interest in manipulating the pricing. We earn when we deliver value to Exporters using the technology we have built.


Delivering Across the entire export value chain

Most systems that exist in the market today are fragmented and cover only specific aspects. Hence, Exporters end up using multiple systems to manage their supply chain without any integration point. This results in unnecessary paperwork and data entry which often leads to errors and omissions.

At Freightsy, we offer a single platform to help you manage the complete cycle from price discovery to documentations to billing. Once you signup on Freightsy, you probably wouldn’t have to use another system again to manage your logistics. We are planning to extend this to help Exporters in buyer discovery globally as well using the network we’ve created.