Enterprise Class Workflow Management

Workflow Management

Freightsy comes with a world class workflow management app that lets you manage the entire shipment and also let the vendors collaborate on the same. Freightsy has built a standard workflow for exports keeping in mind industries best practices however, we can always customize the same easily to match your processes so you don’t have to change how you work when you move to Freightsy.

enterprise Class Workflow Management

With Freightsy you can manage your entire export logistics workflow while collaborating with external vendors at the same time. This makes the process more efficient and you can always track what’s going on. We have built workflows for export supply chain using industry best practices and in consultation with process engineers which you can use as soon as you sign up on Freightsy.

Personalized To your internal process

We understand you already follow a certain process and you’d like to continue doing that. Our Workflow Management App is built to suit so we can incorporate your internal processes and implement them within 48 working hours.

Delegate your work

Very often you have a team managing the shipments which is either remote or handled by your CHA. With Freightsy you can easily delegate this to anyone you want so they can hop and complete the tasks on your behalf.

SLA Management

Very often our customers want to set time constraints to certain mission critical tasks. With Freightsy we can incorporate those as well. Your vendors will be able to see the same and ensure that the SLA’s are always complied with.